Customer Support on Online Sports Betting Bookies

Customer care is one of the cornerstones of online betting. In cases like sports betting, where stakes are being made and account funded on a steady basis; the need for a quality support system is vital. 

You can tell if an online betting site is trustworthy if they have a responsive and helpful customer support option. Hence, it shows that they are open in their operations. 

If you are to create an IviBet account, the attractive feature will be their highly dependable support team. Moreover, when signing up on a betting platform, every bettor who aims to avoid unforeseen risks must check if a good support system is present. 

Phone Call

Phone Call

The phone call option is present in almost every online betting site. It is the go-to option for most bettors, but it does have disadvantages. For example, it is the most expensive option to use as you will be billed for the time spent on the call. Moreover, for international bookmakers, you may be charged with international call rates, which could be expensive. Additionally, in some circumstances, you could not get help right away because their call representatives might be busy.

However, some bookies have a request-a-call option that enables them to call you instead. You simply input your call number and the issue you are facing and click the request a call button. The call isn’t processed immediately, so this option is for less pressing issues. 


Every bookmaker has an email address that is usually on their homepage because, from the email address, you can receive updates about their latest offers and promotions. However, the primary purpose of the email address is to provide help and support to the bettor. 

You as well know that email is a global means of communication, so irrespective of location; help is just a click away. 

Social Media 

Social Media

You can simply get in touch with a website’s customer service through popular social media platforms. These bookies have official accounts on popular social media sites. Furthermore, these accounts are active, frequently posting bonus codes and weekly bet winners. Hence, you can confirm the bookie’s name to make sure it is correct before writing to them to explain your problems.

Live Chat

Any sports betting site with a live chat feature on their platform is always quick to point it out. The presence of a live chat saves you from so many hassles like calling or texting. Furthermore, it is free and easy to use, with a well-trained customer representative ready to help. 

Betting never stops as long as there is always an event available to stake your money on. Hence, most bookmakers’ live chat features are available 24/7 to solve your issues. As a result, someone is always available to help you within minutes, regardless of the time you engaged them.

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