The Most Notorious Casino Robberies in History

Since the earliest days of gambling, there have been stories of casino robberies. The lure of easy money and the promise of anonymity make casinos a prime target for criminals. And while you won’t experience this with HellSpin, it doesn’t hurt to know about these cases. The following is a list of some of the most notorious casino robberies in history, each with its own unique story.

The Bellagio Casino Heist 

Back in December of 2010, a man wearing a black wig and fake beard entered the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas and proceeded to make off with $1.5 million. The suspect was later identified as Anthony M. Carleo, a 29-year-old son of a Vegas district judge at the time. Carleo made his escape on a motorcycle but was eventually captured and convicted of the robbery.

Sands Casino Robbery

Sands Casino Robbery

In November of 1978, two men successfully stole $250,000 from the Sands Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The criminals have later identified as Anthony Caruso and Henry Williams Jr. A stunning heist, it was one of the biggest robberies in Atlantic City history.

The London Casino Robbery

In May of 2004, a group of men pulled off a daring robbery at the London Victoria Casino. The robbers posed as VIP gamblers, gained access to the casino’s inner sanctum, and then made off with an estimated $2.6 million. The mastermind behind the heist was later identified as 31-year-old Matthew Kennedy, who was later caught and convicted.

The Rio Casino Robbery

In February of 1993, a group of robbers made off with $6.1 million after holding up the Rio Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas. The robbers were masked and used an armored truck to make their escape. Though the police were able to apprehend two of the robbers, the remaining criminals were never caught.

The Sun City Casino Robbery 

In November of 2009, a group of robbers made away with an estimated $12 million after raiding the Sun City Casino in South Africa. The robbers entered the casino wearing ski masks and proceeded to fill up large bags with cash from the casino’s safe. Though two of the robbers were apprehended, the masterminds behind the heist were never identified.

The Casino Gamblinghall Robbery

The Casino Gamblinghall Robbery

In May of 2012, a group of thieves in Paris, France stunned onlookers when they made off with over $12 million after holding up the Casino Gamblinghall. The heist was quickly investigated by the police but it took weeks before any of the suspects were identified. Eventually, the perpetrators were identified as four Italians and one French national.

The Foxwoods Casino Robbery

In July 2011, three men stole approximately $50,000 after raiding the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. The criminals, who had planned the robbery months ahead of time, escaped on motorcycles but were soon apprehended.

The Monte Carlo Casino Robbery

In August of 2013, a casino heist at the prestigious Monte Carlo casino in Monaco saw thieves make off with over $1 million in cash, jewels, watches, and other valuables. Once again, the robbers were able to escape, making it a difficult case for the police to solve in Monaco, a country with little crime.

Though casino heists are often the stuff of movies, reality has proven that they do occur. These are just some of the most notorious casino robberies in history, each with its own unique story.

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